It may be easy to use pesticides such as pyrethroid to kill adult mosquitoes, but the problem will still persist. These types of products are not effective when it comes to dealing with larvae. This is where pest experts can help you.  Liberty Pest Control technicians can deal with adult mosquitoes as well as take care of mosquito breeding grounds.

It is very important to inform the public and get assistance from the local government in order to undertake a unified approach when it comes to pest control. For example, waste disposal problems are often one of the main causes of mosquito outbreaks.

Simple tips from mosquito control professionals

  • Follow the regulations when installing septic tanks to avoid mosquito outbreaks.
  • Maintain proper upkeep of your garden and backyard.
  • Install screens on your windows and ventilators.
  • Remove any stagnant water where mosquitoes may leave their larvae.

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