Flies are well-travelled, cosmopolitan pests and are particularly prevalent in farms and homes.

Houseflies can transmit intestinal worms and are potential vectors of diseases such as:
• Dysentery
• Gastroenteritis,
• Typhoid
• Cholera
• Tuberculosis

They feed indiscriminately on any liquefiable solid food, which may equally be moist, putrefying material or food stored for human consumption.

Flies have rapid, prolific breeding habits and high mobility. Control measures are aimed at breaking the life-cycle by either controlling the larvae or the adults.

Satisfactory hygiene is necessary to limit potential breeding sites and food sources. Domestic refuse should be covered, farm manure should be kept dry as possible, and potential entry points screened, sealed or covered.

For best results, use insecticidal control measures coupled with good hygiene. These measures include using larvicides in the manure and surface sprays, space sprays and insecticide baits to control the adults.

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