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Combating Diseases from Mosquitoes

In recent times mosquito-borne diseases have resurfaced or emerged and spread rapidly. From Zika, dengue to West Nile fever and chikungunya.  Malaria, which has had long-term global efforts to eradicate it, has shown signs of increasing recently. Most of these diseases have no specific treatment and the short supply of medicines available for some are …

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How Parasites Can Make You Sick

A parasite is an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species. Three main classes of parasites can cause disease in humans: protozoa, helminths, and ectoparasites. Protozoa and helminths largely affect the gut, while ectoparasites include lice and mites that can attach to or burrow into the skin, staying there for long periods of time. …

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Reduce The Risk Of Having Roaches

In the past, the most common location for German cockroaches was in, built up, high-density living areas such as the C.B.D of Sydney. As of late major apartment complexes are rising all over Sydney especially along the train lines exasperating the problem. Another high density population pest thriving in Sydney quite often mistaken for cockroaches are bed …

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mosquito, malaria, gnat

Top 10 Methods To Avoid Mosquitos

Keep those pesky mozzies at bay and enjoy an itch-free summer.  Summer is coming and so are the mosquitoes. There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to beating the bite of backyard mosquitoes.  Dr Cameron Webb, Medical Entomologist at University of Sydney and NSW Health Pathology, takes …

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Top 6 Loud Insects

Do you hear that? That music being broadcast outside your window of chirps, tweets and thumps is a full-on symphony of insects belting out their own unique tunes. Some are peaceful and serene; others are loud and boisterous. No matter the melody, we’re counting down the loudest insects in this month’s Top 6: Noisy Insects. …

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Tips For Managing Ticks

When it comes to ticks, ignorance is the opposite of bliss. Prevention & awareness are the key tools to preventing ticks this summer! Ticks are responsible for the spread of infectious, life threatening diseases. One of the most commonly known illness that is spread by ticks is Lyme Disease. How to Avoid Ticks Stay out …

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The Huntsman Spider In Brisbane

The huntsman spider can move very quickly and they are very hairy with long legs, and due to their size, they are one spider that intimidates many people. Many immigrants and Australian tourists are terrified, due to Australia’s reputation for dangerous creatures, and you can understand why when looking at the size of these things! I remember one …

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The Natural Way To Keep Roaches Away

In Australia, ants are about as common as kookaburras and kangaroos. They play a crucial part in your garden’s ecosystem but inside the house can wreak havoc, finding their way into just about everything. Here we discover the best natural and not-so natural ways to get rid of ants. Types of ants Australia is home to lots of …

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Brisbane Rats

Take Care Of Rats

If you can hear scratching sounds in your wall cavities or scurrying feet across your roof space in the quiet of the night, chances are you’re sharing your home with a rodent. The good news is, you’re not alone and in recent years we’ve seen a rise in rodent infestation in Brisbane homes. The bad …

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Most organisations & businesses are already under economic pressures due to the current health threats faced by the Coronavirus pandemic.  Important areas of healthcare & social care are fighting against COVID19 & Brisbane’s Best Pest Control can help you with all the pest control requirements.  Different kinds of pests are impacting our suburbs and the …


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